Tag der offenen Tür immer am                                   Sonntag!               

          Live-Vorführungen und großes  TV-          "Kinderprogramm".

Willkommen!The Homepage of my person online in 2024.

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe

 Nice to Welcome you on my Homepage.

   My first homepage is also very interesting and designed        for everybody. 

    My first address is: www.ursulasabisch.netsempress.net                           

My writings are to be understood not as special offers in the final sales, but rather extremely precious and untouchable!

My activity is also extremely rare, untouchable and not as a special offer to understand, but as an offer, that requires an accordingly high consideration of everybody for everybody else!

Besides in the true sense of the word it is about a work of art, that is capable of development that everybody may improve, embellish, or extend, but then, please, not any longer at the expenses of my person!

Nevertheless, at the same time I would not like to withhold from you that there will be and must be a tit-for-tat response for most citizens of Luebeck, which my person will start. Furthermore as a basic there are radical enactments already prepared that will change the culture worldwide.

Neither to me nor to the Third World there was conceded an appropriate status; on the contrary and that is why you and others have to feel it by the consequences!


    Open day always on Sunday!   

Live demonstrations and great "Children's TV programme".