The Tides and the Forces of Gravity

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany


Chinese Embassy in Berlin, Germany,

Maerkisches Ufer 54
z. H. Mr. Ken Wu

/ CO

To all Ambassadors, Berlin, Germany

Germany, Luebeck, Sept. 25/ 26, 2020

Please let that German language document be translated into your native language and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Irregular tides during the relief efforts of the stranded whales on the coast of the Island of Tasmania (Australia)

Dear Ambassadors of China, Dear Ambassadors from all over the World,

As was reported in the news yesterday, pilot whales have again stranded on the coast of the island of Tasmania, although the cause is said to be unclear.

It could well be, that the cause has long been clear to some scientists, but "panic-mongering" should be avoided by simply remaining silent!

"Excerpt from the Internet / Wikepedia: The pilot whale (Globicephala melas), from Faroese grind,> grindahvalur, also known as pilot whale or falsely calderon dolphin, is a species of dolphins (Delphinidae). It is sometimes used to distinguish it from the short-finned pilot whale also known as the common pilot whale or long-finned pilot whale. "

But the silence in the wrong place does not get mankind anywhere, because in the foreseeable future there will be no more ways to avoid panic, if the people themselves are not made responsible for the earth and for coming generations!

Time is of the essence, because according to the logic of my person, the predictable gravitational forces of the sun, moon and earth probably change when the weight, the location or the displacement of the core or center of either the sun, the moon or the earth change.

Obviously, the signs of the times can also be recognized by the pilot whales and their reliable navigation, presumably through the core of the earth, which will probably shift slightly from time to time, and thus a completely different formula for the tides must be established, so the real cause for the stranding of the whales is to be found, since the global warming will also come from the interior of the earth and this thesis could coincide with the no longer solid earth core.

In addition, due to the shifting of weights on and under the earth's surface of all gigantic metropolises worldwide, which mainly come from the earth en masse, although in our age we have long had to speak of the exploitation of the earth, a natural process is no longer given, if the earth is obviously coming to an end for "premature" reasons of age, which is confirmed by the melting of ice and the volcanic eruptions, as the earth's interior cannot regenerate or renew itself, but the interior of the earth is surrounded by the change of the masses and by the many and especially deep earthquakes and so the earth's core will become more and more mobile!

Since my person is not a scientist and could be partially mistaken in this regard, but you have sufficient capacities at this level too, you might be let checked also this basis or thesis.

One chain reaction follows to the next, if one does not understand the signs of the times and do not take them seriously or very seriously, especially since mankind has laid "mines" in its own field, as already warned in a letter, by immediately following a common path in a common direction and in an obviously made possible future!

My person is interested in the earth and inevitably also in the universe, but even more in the people, whereby there are many criminal persons to highly-criminal persons also form the current governments from all over the world, which will be known with certainty in the Monumental-Area and possibly might come into the light via High-Tech of day.

This should not frighten anyone in this announced end situation, because our ancestors and our descendants are also involved in this event!

As a manager, or more precisely as Empress of the matter, I would like to politely ask you, the Chinese President Xi Jinping, to take on the matter and the commission, which for demonstrable reasons belongs to it.

My person is convinced that a large part of your Chinese people have also been informed by my person via TV or via mirror image or whatever through the Monumental Area, although you personally as the President of China may also be aware of that matter, what for many other current heads of state around the world it could already have happened.

In the meantime, my person would like and must urgently ask you and all other current heads of state to classify yourself correctly in accordance with the true situation, which can be checked at any time and in large numbers by the people and to join the world leadership that is called upon, to accept "slinking" a subordinate role to the world leadership, which is not subject to Germany or even the Vatican.

My person will also have to meet incognito personally in your country, what and how always will take place as a completely normal person as a tourist, by additionally working towards the inevitable coming end, in order to be able to find at least a good conclusion in the matter as humanity !

For a new beginning for mankind and the earth, the signs of the times point to "attention", because everyone is responsible for everyone, what cannot be made clearer by the Corona-pandemic at what a new beginning is of course not my decision!

My person hopes for a quick and clear insight into the situation, even if a lot will be connected with underhanded deceptions, tricks, dirt and filth from the "theatre-box", which is obviously controllable by humanity and is controlled by the Momentum-sub Area !!

                                        But the best comes at the end!

It would theoretically also be possible that the cause of the stranded pilot whales could be the expected UFOs, which triggered the misleading navigation of the whales through the successful landings on the sea floor, but through this type of UFOs will be ensured the stability of the earth and more !

Best regards
Ursula Sabisch

Di/ Empress

HP: This document is intended for all people in the world equally, but please pass it on immedialely to all Ambassadors and Envoys from all over the world for information!

Regrettably, the acceptance of an invitation or apointment for my person is already questioning been taking the necessary cultural trips, since these are subject to conditions!