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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 13:28:08 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch 

To:, united-domains AG ,,,

Please let that German-language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of UNICEF, Dear Sirs, Dear Readers,

As you and others should have noticed, it will not get much better in the future for the children in India, but rather much worse, because the population will increase continuously also due to the "child mothers" and the increasing environmental catastrophes will occur especially in India due to the monsoon, so that you and others will have to take a new path, which has a lot to do with an unique fairy tale and must also be put into connection in India.

An intervention in the social structures or castes and a rough intervention in the religious affiliation of the population and therefore the termination of the Hinduism of India is unavoidable, but has become possible by time witnesses in the matter and in the commission of the Lord and Creator, because many or already all cultures of the different races of mankind will have to serve as time witnesses, in that these witnesses will have to inform the population of their respective country of origin about the matter and the order truthfully.

For a long time my person wanted to be in this regard on journeys, in order to provide for time witnesses also by means of their ancestors under a "foreign sky", however by the increasing danger circles like by new epidemics, the terrorism, earthquakes as well as by hurricanes and floods, wars and religious wars, refugees and even more hunger in the world, the probability to reach this important goal in India on the spot is getting smaller and smaller, in order to confront also the Indian population with the reality and to be able to bring about a change of the situation on the spot, as long as it is still possible by means of my person.

Also in India there are already too many billionaires and multimillionaires, whereby the imbalance in the population already begins with the skin color of humans and with the child labor, with the sex and with the early marriage promises by the fathers is further increased.

Many problems of the large mass of the population can be solved with money means, in that a meaningful redistribution of the means is and remains inevitable, whereby now unfortunately ever more new problems by the environmental disasters and epidemics will arise and must be counteracted, but there are evenly there in addition still the social and firmly structured difficulties of Hinduism, which can be solved only by the assistance from the outside.

Clear words will not be enough, clear facts will probably also not be enough, but clear actions will be enough to be able to bring also an Indian to the reason and on the ground of the reality, because finally there is only one Creation, even if there will be more than only one Creator, for what is much indication and what can be explored in the end time by means of my person, but there is only one sun which shines for all living beings and therefore for all people on earth!

               With waiting and hoping and play-acting it will not be done!

A fairy tale always needs heroes and a fairy tale always needs good and bad people, ghosts or fairies, but a fairy tale needs above all a good end, in which justice triumphs.

It is very sad to think that some people in old age have already received a second or a third life by death or by an organ of another person through very costly operations and such a boy from India died for lack of nutrition and for lack of medicine as a heavy worker of a factory.

People, who received a prolonged life by very high costs, are naturally now in the obligation, also opposite those, which do not belong to Christianity, since these concerning will have a completely special connection to the Creation, which belongs also with the respective organ donor into a connection.

This and much more some people will have already noticed themselves as the witnesses of my hometown, especially probably those who have had one or more abortions, but also probably those parents who have had at least one miscarriage.

And since in India, nevertheless, actually in whole Asia the business with the organ transplantation flourishes and with the abortion of the primarily female human lives, should my person be on the spot, a lot should do itself under the sky and under the net of India.

For this it must be made public that every single abortion is a particularly devilish misguidance of the human being and will have of course also accordingly high consequences!

On the basis of the top of mankind, to which the true clergy belongs, it can be recognized well that there is the "devil" and that he rages worldwide for a long time to bring down and to destroy the beautiful and good in the world, as old-fashioned as these interpreted signs will sound.

India is also tied to the media and has become a hyped-up nation that allows itself to be influenced from all sides, as you (UNICEF) also unconsciously noticed at the beginning through the aforementioned advertising.

Thus my person would not like to undercut the word "insanity" or become insane in the context of a single abortion and have to use this as a designation for a behavior of a whole people!

So stupidly or so insanely a people can become nevertheless not really or nevertheless?

                    But it can and it has happened insidiously, but briskly!

And just as creepily and cunningly my person will place herself against the causer or devil, in that the media have to change to the side of my person and that please creepily, but briskly!

In the plain text this means that a well-mixed "witch" bound to my person will mix herself into every lewd relationship to protect people from each other and from themselves by that nobody can be abused by a person any more.

The shot can then probably backfire, if the entire abortion-story does not come to a stop by ending worldwide abortion without exception!

Also abuses in the prisons in Asia are known to be the order of the day, with killings in the psychiatric hospitals and further state institutions will probably also be the order of the day, especially probably also to make profit business by the dead and their organs.

End is with such diabolical methods, otherwise the causers will be called worldwide to the account!

But what is important to you as the UNICEF at the moment, that are the human rights of the girls and boys for a future worth living, whereby in the near future the actual survival of the children will be superficial, because as already visible, one catastrophe will follow after the other and India will be affected logically by the monsoon quite particularly.

Since my person will remain with the already mentioned planning of the journeys, at least the entire world-wide abortion and the hunger must be created from the world, whereby the latter will become increasingly more difficult for recognizable reasons!

One must be no "Einstein" to be able to grasp the reality and to be able to assert that we are as mankind already in the Revelation of John, whereby already very long resistance is held against the coming end!


Ursula Sabisch

HP: My person has considered why in the brain of every human being "allegedly" unused brain cells are present by a multiple.

The answer can give only a small "Einstein"!