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Luggage and Soldiers

Das Weltkulturerbe - The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Presidents and Rulers of warfare 

For the attention of President Putin 

For the attention of the Ruler Kim of North Korea

For distribution to all Leaderships and those interested

 People in the Matter

Luebeck, 03 January 2024

That German-language document you may find here!

A word of power from the Empress

Dear Sirs, Dear Readers,

In the hope that you and others have finally woken up, I would like to, or rather must, once again call on you to stop squandering the world's existing war material by making the earth bear the actual damage caused by this exploitation of precious materials.

Furthermore, it is indeed possible that the war material would be urgently needed for real and dangerous attacks that could come from the universe in case of danger.

But under no circumstances should UFOs be targeted or shot at if they are not really or ultimately dangerous, or if they are recognisably harmless at the last moment and are urgently needed for the stability of the earth or humanity, among other things!

There are certainly enough exceptional people from all over the world who will have the sure instinct of friend or foe, although incoming UFOs will probably always make a hostile impression at first.

One of these exceptional people is probably the ruler Kim from North Korea, as my person had to ask herself why precisely this person with these interests and with this frightening caution was placed in this position as a statesman in the nuclear age.

The same applies, for example, to President Putin, whereby the interest of his training in the secret service also suggests that there will already be foreign visitors in the world, who will most likely be able to disguise themselves well so as not to be recognised.

These creatures can only be safely recognised through their connection to the super-dimensional sphere and this can be very dangerous for both sides.

In fact, water or similar elements, for example, is something that could incapacitate these creatures, but there are probably also special weapons that are needed.

From what my person was able to find out on the Internet, Russia has ..........   .... ..., which can destroy Sat........ in orbit and which could probably also at least damage dangerous or harmless attackers, so that the control of these flying objects could be severely disrupted!

This gives you more time to bring the objects down and make the right decisions more safely. The ideal case would be, in the truest sense of the word, the fall or the takeover of control of the UFOs directly into the water or into the oceans or lakes and rivers.

Of course, there are various connections to the supra-Monumental-Sphere, whereby my person certainly has a "telephone number" that literally knows no bounds.

For a long time now, my person has only used this number when a fellow human being is worth the effort and has earned this precious effort and, in my opinion, this can only take place abroad.

My person, the Empress, only uses such a connection rarely and then among as many people and WLAN connections as possible, such as through a mobile phone and WLAN surveillance cameras and other "infrared stories" or electromagnetic fields and the various systems and much more.

So Moscow would be the ideal place where "Mother Russia" could initiate the beginning of the coming end of time with a possible new beginning of the calendar, in which, among other things, my person should also go to Moscow, as already ordered.

My person will stay there for a few days like a normal person and a tourist and possibly create a visual document on site using IT, which will be intended for the population.

However, my person must be allowed to write in clear words what is going on, so that something important can change for the better and so I can hope that you will not have me arrested in Russia and thrown into prison!

The same of course applies in the near future to all countries or continents that my person would have to visit personally, should my person's pocket money be available and should my person's Cudgel not yet be fully functional.

Of course, my person is not travelling with a shining brilliant crown as a tourist to see the countries and people of the world, but rather with a fisherman's hat that my person has just acquired. 

However, my person expects to be able to visit the Castles of the World by visiting the authorised residents and their family members together with a qualified tour group, as has already been explained several times on the Internet.

Now the recent events in Japan have made it clear in the news that my person's business planning has been "accepted" from the Monumental-Area and has therefore been assessed exactly right in the matter at the end of time!

As those in power, please talk to your confederates and all of you think very carefully about what is going on.

As the so-called rulers, you are usually not very religious people or you have no faith or religion, but you will usually play up this hypocrisy to the people in order to be re-elected to your office.

It is no longer important for you to have a faith and to live this faith, but it is important for you to make the only right decision for the people and the earth by integrating yourselves into the world community according to your possibilities or by submitting "stress-free" to the world leadership through a "predetermined" monarchy.

I hope that my person will soon be granted permission to travel by train to Moscow or St Petersburg as an elderly tourist, possibly with a fisherman's hat, PC and mobile phone.

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch

Empress/ Manager

HP: So that no further misunderstandings may arise:  All tourists who call themselves Christians will please learn to carry their own luggage, with exceptions proving the rule.

*Thus, all suitcases and trolleys of travellers will please be directed to the soldiers by order of Empress, who will please recall you all immediately from the war zones, all wheels or rollers of the luggage before and after the entry of a Christian must be permanently removed and confiscated!

Expression corrected on 5 January 2024.