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Earth Protection Measures

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the EU, To the WHO

To the United Nations

To the World Leaders

CO/ King and Emperor 

Luebeck, 27 October 2023

That German-language document you may find here!

Earth protection measures and precautionary planning of humanity for the implementation of the common transition period!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

As many of you readers have been able to notice, something new has been announcing itself for some time now, but the new seems to be very reciprocal and multifaceted in its announcement.

Unfortunately, my person does not notice anything of this and has to play along with the stupid "Guess with Rosental game" of the disturbed people, but can recognise what the writing on the wall has been on the wall by the behaviour of the people.

Not only from the people and the change in the weather, but also from the information and data of the daily earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but especially from the inner restlessness also of my person, it is becoming more and more urgent and important to let the exploitation of the Earth slowly and evenly "shut down" from all sides.

It must finally be understood that the Earth is not a self-service shop and can be exploited and built upon incessantly and in great masses, but forms and represents a natural basis for every living being.  

But in the meantime, the old and beleaguered Earth now needs protection, just as nature has long needed protection from the insatiable and intransigent human being!

Due to the increasing environmental catastrophes, climate change can no longer be denied, in that the atmosphere has changed due to, among other things, mankind's questionable and unnatural way of life.

The same applies, of course, to the already very old Earth, with the difference that hardly anyone believes or perceives that the exploitation of the Earth can be "finite" and that even within the Earth there will be forced changes in the natural processes that will soon become quite noticeable.

Rearrangements of masses through cavities within the Earth may take place or some dangerous substances of the Earth's interior may collide, which could at worst cause some kind of explosion, but at least larger Earth collapses in terms of area and the escape of poisonous gases could be the consequences.

However, there is more than one way out, but it must be found and accepted in time!

Since our Earth quite obviously seems to be the centre of the universe and we as humanity have fallen into high technology and industrialisation, or rather have striven for and chosen this way of life ourselves, the exit from this way of life must first be questioned more closely.

On the one hand, the Earth can no longer "supply" these daily demanded masses of steel, iron, nickel, coal, oil and gas and much more without consequences, on the other hand, we probably needed the high technology and industrialisation for a kind of parallel world in the neighbouring universe as humanity living in the end of time. And we need these in order not to lose the upper hand or to be able to operate them, so that the upper hand can end the para-world!

This means that a restructuring of most jobs worldwide can and must take place, but also that the assembly lines of industry and technology should be operated without renewed overexploitation of the Earth and without materials or raw resources.

With other examples: If nuclear power plants cannot be shut down for the reasons mentioned above, industry can be operated in idle mode without further ado, although of course no product can be created or produced without materials or raw resources.

The entire EDP of banks and doctors' practices, for example, can also continue to run, but in parallel the current data should be stored in handwritten form in the future. 

In this way, one can safely come out of these cycles of the para-world at the right time, in that the Earth can also maintain or preserve itself* a little longer and in that humanity is at the same time already well equipped for a new beginning in contemporary history.

Of course, it is always safer to form exceptional states, especially those whose culture places them on a higher level of the chosen way of life, such as China, for example, in that only necessary goods should be produced for the world market. 

However, China may then have to carefully consider from which part of the Earth and in what quantities or masses the extraction of raw materials remains possible worldwide.

Everything else that humans need to live must be worked out through good precautionary planning worldwide in each country and it must then be implemented.

This means that the drinking water supply and food reserves must be secured for each country.

Furthermore, sufficient medicines, medical care, hospitals or, if necessary, disaster operations must be available and the increasingly needed disaster management aids must be planned for.

Reduction of heating fuels by adjusting the number of persons in a household for the consumption of electricity, wood, coal and gas are provided worldwide, for example, for a single person in the cold days only for a small living space, wearing winter clothing is the order of the day.

Enough heatable tents, containers, sheds and small huts may be needed for the transitional period in the front gardens of villas and houses.

Bicycles will also be needed for everyday life, in that driving a car will probably also be part of the para-service and a reduction or prohibition of driving a car by alternate cycling will be the order of the day.

                      And now comes the culture shocker at the end!

Humans also need the air to breathe and so, at the end of the period, the oxygen content can also become very scarce for a few minutes due to a discolouration of the atmosphere.

So, especially in every household and in public buildings, care should be taken to ensure that sufficient oxygen reserves will be available for everyone and that doors and windows will be closed in case of emergency.

It is essential to provide shelter for people who do not have a closed house or flat.

    Otherwise, one will probably lose one's life through the "final judgement"!

Perhaps inflated plastic parts can be kept ready for the very worst emergency, or in the last emergency one can simply open the valves of the car or bicycle tyres, should no oxygen bottle be at hand. 

This and everything else would have to be worked out by experts or suitable staff worldwide, and other staff would then have to put the respective plans into practice in the respective country.

The better man or humanity is prepared for the end, and the more people who are properly prepared and take up the matter by the order, the safer and more probable the end of time history will be for a new beginning for all.

Even if the expected UFOs will most certainly be meant for the stability of the Earth, the Monumental-area will always require an additional effort from each individual human being, in that responsibility for oneself and others must also be taken on!

My person hopes that no one will be too much shocked by this document, whereas there really could be much worse than the predictable scenario.


* Amendment on 28 October 2023

My person hopes for a very valuable ca. 3000 to 3500 years old confirmation of the Creation by a Finding from the Oriental area (Egypt) of the Earth.

Thereby a woman with a special sign becomes recognizable, who delegates the arrival of extraterrestrial life under the Sun, directing her attention to the sky. In addition, there is a man and Scholar with a script scroll in his hand.