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    Ursula Sabisch>

Neustadt in Schleswig-Holstein (

That German-language document you may find here!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the psychiatric service Luebeck,          

Regrettably, the time that we as humanity still had at our disposal to bring  about a change in contemporary history is running out.            

Because* with the passive behaviour you and others are displaying in this matter, I seriously wonder how you can create and secure a future worth living, especially for the young, with the help of your questionable psychology, without saying what is going on!   

This and much more has very little to do with manly behaviour.

The real psychopaths, who actually belong behind prison for at least a short time, will become more and more stable and self-confident as a result of your approach and those affected or harmed will become weaker and weaker.            

Everyone has the right to the truth and therefore everyone has the duty to defend the truth as well as to condemn and stop lies!

The entire social behaviour of the citizens of Luebeck is connected with this, and it is better not to forget or confuse this, because the citizens of Luebeck were and are always obliged to provide information!            

My person also has the right to the truth and has had the right to know what is going on around my person for years!

You and others have not complied with this obligation to provide information about my person and have even tried to turn this valid right into a kind of defence mechanism and that is exactly what my person has been accusing you and like-minded people of for a long time!            

Despite your knowledge of the matter, you have let things run their course and to this day have too often disregarded my property, my health and my life. The same neglect applies quite emphatically to the sister of my person, who you should at least not have allowed to be weakened any longer!            

My family`s* life in particular has been and continues to be made very difficult by this kind of cowardice and falsehood on the part of people like you!

Now there are "psychos" here who are doctoring benevolently and nobody is saying what is going on, because this is the only way the devil can spread and get stronger and stronger!            

You and like-minded members of the city administration will please have yourselves committed to the place where you have belonged for a very long time. (See link above.)

By inviting my person to a visit in keeping with my status, we will also have to talk about split personalities in my immediate neighbourhood, for example.      

We should also discuss the defective genes and dubious methods used by some of your experts or even judges. But first of all, please provide my person with truthful information about the facts of the matter, as it is your duty to do!

You had a lot of opportunities and a lot of time in this matter, but as a psychiatrist or as someone trained in this field, you have always forgotten or overlooked one thing; because what you wanted to do here by remaining silent in this matter has something insidious about it, but nothing masculine, and such behaviour does not come from a real man, but from something else! 

Ursula Sabisch, Empress       

HP: My person should publish this document so that the matter can progress better and faster elsewhere in other cities and countries!

* Translated and checkd on 28 February 2024